Marcello Paesano

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Born  1984
Nationality  italian
Height  176 cm 
Colour of Hair  brown
Colour of Eyes  brown
Residence  Munich + Rome
Languages  German + Italian - Bilingual | English - fluently | French + Spanish - Basic
Dialects  napolitan, italian
Skills  Sport - soccer (2 as pro) | ski |tenis | schwim|  snowboard
 Instrument - guitar 
 Driver´s license - car           
year  title  director  
2014   ´╗┐Un passo dal cielo 3  Monica Vullo, Jan Michelini  RAI
2013   Ragazza con ombrello  Graziano Molino  ´╗┐short film
2013   A testa alta  Maurizio Zaccaro  RAI
2012   The golden rule  Giovanni Fumu  short film
2011   A squarcia gola  Federico Mantova  short film
2009   ´╗┐Solo piuma in vento  ´╗┐Marcello Paesano´╗┐  short film
2009   Once upon a time Micky  A. Barone, S. Cipani  short film
2009   L´inaugurazione  ´╗┐Giovanni Fumu´╗┐  movie
2008   Oggi parliamo di....  ´╗┐Marcello Paesano´╗┐  short film
2007   ´╗┐Cinquant´anni dopo´╗┐  Giovanni Fumu  short film
2006   Le cose non dette  Marco Miraglia  short film
year play | part director stage
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